The Soap Set


6x Soap Towel 20 x 24 cm (8” x 9,5”)
Plant 12 trees with this set

The handy soap towels in the size 20 x 24 cm are ideal for removing makeup or use for baby care. The soap towels from Kushel are offered in a practical set with a price advantage (5%). 

The climate and resource-positive Kushel small towels dry you faster and stay soft for a long time. Kushel is the world's first towel made from 30% TENCEL ™ Modal and 70% organic cotton. Thanks to the unique mixing ratio and the innovative construction, the fibers can develop their full effect.

The solid construction with a breathable surface of eight loops can absorb moisture and dry again quickly. The Kushel soap towels are sewn twice and weigh a luxurious 600 grams per square meter.

It is possible to wash the towels up to 60 °. For the sake of the environment, we recommend washing your Kushel towel at 40 ° C with the same colors and a mild detergent. Your Kushel towel is suitable for the dryer. Please do not wash the towels together with coarse textiles such as jeans or wool products, as the tension between the products can lead to fringes. If a loop comes loose, simply cut it off with scissors.

By planting 2 trees for each product and compensating the carbon emissions and blue-water usage of the towel production, we are the first climate & resource positive textile brand.

Kushel Towels


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